• Spell Difficulty: 3
  • Spell Duration: 10 minutes
  • Spell Range: 10 meters
  • Spell Type: Common

For the duration, no sound can be created within or pass through a 10 meter diameter sphere centered on a point the caster choose within range. Any creature or object entirely inside the sphere is immune to damage that relies upon sound, and creatures are deafened while entirely inside it. Casting a spell that verbally is impossible there. For an increase in difficulty, the caster may increase the volume/area the spell covers by 4 additional meters.

(Note: Though this spell is free to learn, those who do so must be put on the list of known silencers, as to give guards the ability to quickly find any silencer doing illicit dealings that the guards know of. Not being on the list and being a silencer results in dire consequences.)

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