The Gladiator’s Guild was formed on a sour note. Originally, it was a slave pin and part of the Slaver’s Guild of a land forgotten to time, owned by Makai Branch. When he had fallen upon bad times and poor stock, Makai decided that providing a spectacle would make him more money than selling his slaves. So, annoyed at his fortune, Makai spread word of the first Gladiator Games. It got… surprisingly positive reception among people.

Slowly, year by year, the Gladiator Games grew more popular, prizes started to be offered to entice more people to join or send their own slaves to battle. Eventually, Makai noticed that it was large enough to become its own thing, separate from the Slaver’s Guild, so he broke off with the Gladiator’s Guild, as it was now called, with some generous donations to smooth the process over. By the time of Makai’s death, the Guild had spread to 4 major cities with opulent arenas and weekly-to-monthly fights/games. Following the death of Makai Branch, several prominent possible-successors died mysteriously until Ingelram the Survivor nearly died but continuing to live through sheer willpower long enough for whatever befell them to pass. They took up leadership of the Gladiator’s Guild.

Under Ingelram the Survivor, the golden age of the Gladiator’s Guild continued, even growing into the underground of nations who would not allow them in daylight. The GG has passed through the hands of several successors since then, before ending up where it is now, facing a decline and the possible end of their Golden Age, trying to be salvaged by Yasmin Fox.

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